ExportNation B2B Marketplace is a 100% free trading environment

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What Company Is Offering:
ExportNation B2B Marketplace is a 100% free trading environment. The website also offers in-depth analysis of market trends and global buying/selling statistics. ExportNation’s next generation Vertical Portal is focused primarily on export-import business and the international trading. It represents structured and organized web properties, human edited and controlled content. ExportNation includes B2B Trade Leads Marketplace, Trade Forums, and a Portal/Directory. Its unique Export Import EXIM Tradebar is also available to download from leading websites like Download.com, ZdNet.com, TechRepublic, etc.

At ExportNation’s Marketplace, companies can create their profile and add product catalogs.

Recent Updates:

ExportNation, which offers a global B2B export import marketplace, announced yesterday that it has launched the enhanced version of the ExportNation AdWorks. ExportNation AdWorks helps advertisers and marketers in collecting highly qualified leads to achieve success in lead generation and brand awareness campaigns.
The latest enhanced advertising system, AdWorks also improves company’s profitability by streamlining the web advertising campaigns. It also provides end-to-end web advertising management product for businesses interested in targeting global audience.

More at:www.exportnation.com

Company Info:
Jasbir Sandhu


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