CakeMail is the world’s newest white label email marketing platform

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What Company is Offering:
CakeMail is the world’s newest white label email marketing platform. It’s a true private label tool that uses a reseller’s own domain name, even for the user interface. And it can be offered in any language. Plus, it’s got an API that lets agencies and third-party developers extend, integrate and build on all that goodness. Happily, this delicious combination comes at a price that won’t make you sick to your stomach.
How It Works:
For end-users, it’s a great online tool for easily creating and managing newsletter mailings. Visit a CakeMail reseller to open a user account.
For agencies, it’s a true white label solution that lets you adopt CakeMail and market it as your own with total control over the design, branding and domain name.

For third-party developers, designers and translators, it’s a platform that you can use to extend CakeMail’s features with plugins, skins, and new interface languages.
Why to use it:
Email marketing is a terrific tool that can give agencies’ customers a real edge. So why aren’t more agencies offering it to their clients? Building and managing one’s own platform is both expensive and complicated. And many so-called white label options still redirect agencies’ customers to a domain name and an interface over which they have little control when it comes to branding, design or language. Until now.
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