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If you have missed on your tax return file date then not to worry

By Vineet at February 18, 2010 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

Every year we have to file income tax return if you are earning money more than exemption limit set by government.Generally,because ,lack of knowledge or sometimes just unable to calculate our earned income, we become defaulters of not paying our income tax on time.And later,we have to pay more income tax because government charge us extra levy or penalty of late fees.If more...

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How To Do e-Filing For Your Income Tax…..

By Vineet at December 25, 2009 | 10:30 pm | 0 Comment

What is e-Filing? e-Filing is where you file your income tax through internet. Log into the income tax website then fill up the tax return form which is available online and the other required information about income, expenditure and savings. Requirement For Filing e-return: Basic requirement for filing online e return is that you should have a valid PAN more...

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