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Flying Car

By Vineet at May 29, 2010 | 12:00 am | 0 Comment

Flying Car

Days is not far when we would able to fly our car in sky like plane.YEE is one of those kind of car which can be changed according to given situations and can be used on ground and sky as condition demands. YEE is designed to meet the features desired by modern urbanites with moderate means who seek for fashion, excitement and eco-friendly cars. Lai, one of its more...

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Audi’s Concept Car e-tron

By Vineet at February 13, 2010 | 12:00 am | 0 Comment

Audi’s Concept Car e-tron

Driving Audi is like reaching at moon for many.It is one of the finest car in the world, in luxury brands.Audi is working on many concept cars which you can enjoy in coming years,one of them is e-tron concept car. About Concept: A high-performance sports car with a purely electric drive system which is called e-tron.The Audi development engineers decided back more...

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CarPong—Connecting Drivers–Let you send messages to other drivers

By Vineet at December 24, 2009 | 2:57 am | 0 Comment

CarPong—Connecting Drivers–Let  you send messages to other drivers

What Company Is Offering: This is the world of social networking, from brand marketing,selling,promoting events,sharing information to sending smaller mesgs like twitter to your friend ,all corner of life is touched by this platform called social networking.Now one more social network has come into the internet life which is called CarPong,This social network will let more...

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Carnation Auto India Pvt. Ltd—Unique Business Opportunities

By ajay at October 29, 2009 | 9:32 pm | 0 Comment

Business Opportunities: Ex Maruti MD and Chairman ,Mr.Jagdish Khattar is launching a new path of his career after retiring from Maruti ,he is working on the idea that took place as Carnation Auto India Pvt. Ltd, it is a car-servicing hubs in all parts of the country . Why This Business Idea Could Work: As Khattar pointed out he was aware that one of the concerns more...

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CashURwheels—Advertise On Your Carwheels And Earn Money

By Vineet at October 29, 2009 | 8:32 pm | 0 Comment

CashURwheels—Advertise On Your Carwheels And Earn Money

What Company Is Offering: CashURwheels is a unique business idea to advertise at lowest cost with targeted areas . It takes the idea of getting paid to drive a wrapped vehicle, to a whole new level. The first and the only one of it's kind, cashURwheels is an online marketplace where advertisers and business owners connect with and pay vehicle owners ready to display more...

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