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What Company Is Offering: Sohobiztube is a tool for branding your brands and position companies who are interested in connecting with other companies. Its main focus is providing companies with a set of social media tools, services within a social networking site that will assist companies with not only branding and positioning their products more...

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What Company Is Offering: RankingTheBrands Score is calculated based on the total number of RTB points. If a brand is mentioned in a lot of positive brand rankings this brand will be high listed on the SyncForce Ranking The Brands list. Who Is Behind Them: SyncForce, the company behind, offers organizations an enterprise platform that more...

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Wildfire —Highly effective marketing and branding tool

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What Company Is Offering: Wildfire is an online software application that enables businesses and organizations of all sizes to easily create their own attractive, branded interactive campaigns (e.g. sweepstakes, contests, give-aways, incentive-based surveys etc) and to simultaneously publish them in multiple social networks and on their website. Set up a Campaign now more...

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