Cash Test Dummies

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Cherryflava Media in Cape Town, South Africa, is redefining a win-win situation with its latest online venture, Cherrypicka. The site invites customers to register as 'cash test dummies' and purchase new products and services at steep discounts in exchange for submitting reviews.The concept is simple. Participating merchants supply a limited number of their product to be more...


Easy Office

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In fast and instant gratification world where we want everything fast and easy.Easy office is another step in that direction which will help people who are looking for easy office. EasyOffice’s first location will open in Kensington, London in May or June 2007, with rooms for rent long and short term. Gulf News reports that Stelios is also eyeing Dubai: “There are so more...


Free Mobile Operator For Young People

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Blyk intends to take a different approach. The service will be entirely free, and targeted to a fairly narrow age group: 16-24 year olds.When they sign up for Blyk, users need to fill out a detailed questionnaire that includes questions about their interests. Which potentially makes things very interesting for both advertisers and users. Advertisers can market to very more...


Pod Life

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The Perrinepod is a self-contained, stackable housing unit that can be placed within a month of ordering. Mother in law moving in? Adding a home office? No problem for a Perrinepod dweller. Just order a second unit and plug it in. Buyers with large extended families will be happy to know the pods can be stacked to 30 stories high.For more...


Connecting Business Travellers

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People who travel often don't know how to use flying time or staying in other country when they have spare time sometimes they want to meet with people who have same business interest andwonder whom to contact or how plan their travel .However ,their are some social flying network which connect people like KLMclub china which connect people who went for specific business more...


Technorati Profile

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