Venture Capital Deals

YuMe, which has raised $9 million

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What Company is about; YuMe provides a variety of online video ad formats, including pre, mid, and post-roll, as well as the interactive overlay style featured by the likes of VideoEgg. The company also offers its advertising solutions for different types of video, from online streams, to downloads, to mobile devices. About VCs Deal:An online video advertising network more...

Venture Capital Deals

Webcam avatar community fix8 has raised $3 million

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What Company is About: fix8 lets you create animated avatars with your webcam by reading your expressions and gestures. There are loads of tools that you can play around with, including fix8’s wide selection of avatars, and other accessories like voice manipulation, graphics and editing tools. These clips can then be embedded in your website or social networking more...

Venture Capital Deals

HowStuffWorks is the latest acquisition by Discovery Communications, for $250 million

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What Company is About:HowStuffWorks is an online reference tool with a reported 11 million users around the world and 3.8 million unique US visitors per month. Why Its in News?....because the reference site will be merged with Discovery’s video content, as well as its future programs. This is all in an effort to improve Discovery’s own websites, which are in need of more...

Venture Capital Deals

Electronic Arts Inc to acquire VG Holdings for $860 million

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About VCs Deal:Electronic Arts Inc. sealed a deal with private-equity firm Elevation Partners to buy a videogame-development company for $860 million, bolstering its pipeline of action, adventure and role-playing titles with 10 yet-to-be released games.How The Deal Is? Elevation Partners will sell its VG Holdings Corp., the parent company of game makers BioWare Corp. and more...

Venture Capital Deals

Who Is behind

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As a successful venture capitalist, Howard Hartenbaum had grown accustomed to some measure of deference from the entrepreneurs who pitched him. So when one particularly brash CEO called him a "nut case" and then said that a meeting with him "made me want to vomit," Hartenbaum was livid.Hartenbaum, a partner at Draper Richards in San Francisco and an early backer of the more...

Venture Capital Deals

VC’s Talk And Advice For Entrepreneurs

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Avnish Bajaj, Matrix Partners: My advice to entrepreneurs? May be I shouldn't be telling them because it will become harder for me to negotiate… But you know the negotiation will be around valuation. So as an investor, I will put up 10 points, all of which are important to me. And if the entrepreneur is only thinking: 'valuation, valuation, valuation', I will make sure more...

Venture Capital Deals

Finding The Right VC

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Finding the right VC is a lot like dating–networking, friendly introductions and sheer luck all play a role. Discover how 3 entrepreneurs met their VCs and started lasting relationships that helped their businesses grow. Smoothie-maker LightFull Foods was cooked up at 2-year-old Bay Area incubator Brand New Brands in May 2006. The San Francisco company received $6.1 more...

Venture Capital Deals

Alternative Of VC’s Funding

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If you’re struggling to find success in your quest for venture capital, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place.Here are few alternative of VCs:There are plenty of other options available when it comes to finding capital. From angels to credit cards, here are 25 alternatives to consider when it comes to funding your business.1. AngelsMost venture capital funds will more...

Venture Capital Deals

On Start Up Finanancing

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A panel discussion at MIT on the topic of raising funding for an early stage startup. Also on the panel was Michael Greeley from IDG Ventures. Michael was representing the VC perspective .Here are some of the questions that came up in the panel. Please note that this is not legal advice and if you are raising funding, you should consult counsel on all legal matters. 1. more...

Venture Capital Deals