MyPypeline is the ultimate health and fitness community

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What Company Is Offering:MyPypeline is the ultimate health and fitness community. They deliver high-quality video workouts that you can either stream or download to your computer, video iPod or television.How It Works:They combine great workouts with a powerful social networking community that supports your health and fitness goals by allowing you to connect with more...


Demand Media announced their plans to work together to build

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Demand Media, Inc., the next-generation social media company, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) announced their plans to work together to build, which will launch next quarter. By leveraging the social media platform and online expertise of Demand Media, the destination will engage users by providing a full spectrum of content, more...


CondoCompare is both an online tool used to compare condos as well as a service-driven real estate firm

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What Company Is Offering:At CondoCompare you can compare condos on many different levels. From building to building and unit to unit, you can compare all of the components necessary to help make sense of complex information. They believe that live listing data coupled with strong analytic tools is what every condo owner and buyer need. Behind their analytic tools, they more...


Zipidee, the online marketplace for premium instructional content, has acquired TotalVid

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What Company is Offering:Zipidee is the Internet’s largest digital Prosumer Generated Content (PGC) marketplace for instructional, educational, health and fitness, sports, and special interest content. Zipidee has a rapidly expanding seller network of more than 600 content producers and distributors and over 150,000 repeat customers. The Zipidee marketplace receives more...