Welcome to Advertising Section-

At Visionwiz, we are submitting posts since 2006 and we have made a practice  to contribute and update this regularly. We aim to continuously meet the  goal of offering new ways for information  about Internet Startups, Business Ventures, New Funding, Business Ideas and about Great Opportunities around. We also try to help our viewers with the information about new Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Consulting opportunities, New and Upcoming Technologies and serve as  Management guide for Business Turks.
If you feel that advertizing at vision wiz can make a difference to your business, we offer you advertisement opportunities at very reasonable prices

Ways to Advertise on Visionwiz

The screen shot here will guide you with  a range of advertising opportunities currently available on Visionwiz. In addition to this, if you need something specific to be created just for yourself for display, we can help you in that too.

•728×90 Leaderboard
•300×250 Medium Rectangle
•336×280 Large Rectangle
•120×600 Skyscraper
•160×600 Wide Skyscraper
•468×60 Banner
•234×60 Half Banner
•125×125 Button
•180×150 Rectangle
•Text Ads (200 characters)
•468×60 Banner at the bottom of items
•468×120 Banner

Advertisement Guidelines:

• The maximum file size of an image or HTML ad should not be more than 40KB.
• You can submit ads in either JPG, GIF, Flash or HTML formats..
• Ad placement locations shown in the picture are only approximate. Actual placement location can change due to   editorial content length.

# Advertisement Unit Weekly Monthly
1 728×90 Leaderboard $150 $550
2 300×250 Medium Rectangle $100 $375
3 336×280 Large Rectangle $125 $450
4 125×125 Button $50 $200
5 120×600 Skyscraper $100 $375
6 160×600 Wide Skyscraper $125 $450
7 468×60 Banner $100 $375
8 80×150 Rectangle $65 $225
9 Text Ad $50 $200
10 10 468×60 Banner $65 $225

Payment options:

• Payment can be made through credit card or PayPal.
• Advertisers based in India can also pay through check or online bank transfer.
• We accept major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards etc.
• If you have any queries or need help with your display, please write to me at