RocketClub Will Help You To Get Shares In New Startups

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RocketClub Will Help You To Get Shares In New Startups


RocketClub is a new platform that aims to help upcoming startups to build their products and help users to get shares while trying it out.

RocketClub will work with you and your startup to better understand your goals and requirements, and provide guidance and best practices for creating a successful campaign.

It also aims to reward users with a stake(shares) in startups for being there early and believing in their product & mission.

The shares you receive are determined by the startup and what they believe is reasonable.

This is based on the company’s current valuation, tasks to be completed, and member expectations.

How It Works:

The application process involves providing documentation to verify your corporate entity.

Your campaign will change from ‘Pending Approval’ to ‘Approved’ status upon approval.

Your campaign will automatically go live on your specified start date.

Once it goes live, users will be able to visit your campaign and submit an application to become a member.

Upon each application submission, you will have the option to accept or decline each applicant based on their submission.

Best Part Is:

You do not need to be funded, however, you must have a product or service that is ready for general beta release at the time the campaign begins.

You will also need to submit campaign details such as product info, campaign goals, etc.

Afterwards, they will work with you to recommend reasonable expectations to ensure your success.

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