Now Replace Your Email With TMail

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Now Replace Your Email With TMail


TMail is an email-like service that can be utilized to massively increase collaborative productivity.

By using TMail you can send Certified Mail such as HR notices, Important Business Documents, Contracts, Statements, Application Forms, Signed Documents etc.

Not only is the act of sending certified, but the content itself is certified.

How It Works:

Tmail add some revolutionary capabilities to email while preserving the good parts of email.

TMail additionally supports inline operations which modify a TMail by adding a comment.

EMail has no equivalent of inline operations. Examples of inline operations are Add Comment, Update Section, New Section, Update Sections, etc.

EMails only support Attachments, whereas TMail supports Smart Sections and Attachments.

Both are similar in that they are associated with a comment (strictly speaking it is an update to a Section that is associated with a comment).

Best Part Is:

TMails have auto-generated tracking numbers which can be used to refer to a TMail.

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