People as a Service is a New Freelancer Startup Platform

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People as a Service is a New Freelancer Startup Platform

People as a Service:

People as a Service is a new freelancer startup platform that aims to build  trusting relationship between companies that need to get things done, and the global, freelancing talent that wants to have rewarding and motivating work.

Both parties need a flexible, dynamic, and cost-effective way to engage with each other. People as a Service makes that relationship happen.

How It Works:

This startup will focus on quality, which means that only qualified and verified freelancers are accepted.

As a new freelancer to its database, they will invite you to an interview with one of its founders.

They will verify your information, and in many cases they ask you to fulfill a test project in your area of expertise.

If this is successful, they will accept you into its database. However, they only invite a freelancer to the interview process when they have an open job to fill.

Best Part Is:

People as a service will not provide you with the ability to search and apply for projects directly.

Instead its recruiters work with customers to define their projects and obtain an understanding of the freelancer profile that is needed.

Once recruiter understand customer  demand then they  will  search for a qualified and available freelancer in its database and propose him/her to the customer.

If no freelancer in their database is qualified and currently available for the job, then they will look to their supply of freelancers who have signed up for People as a Service, but have not yet been accepted.

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