Now Raise Funds For Your Product Via Kickfurther

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Now Raise Funds For Your Product Via Kickfurther


Kickfurther  is a new startup that aims to help product companies fund their next inventory purchase to meet increasing demand by creating an unique offer on its site.

By creating offers on Kickfurther, these (product) companies have an opportunity to connect with their customer base in a unique and compelling way. They raise the capital that they need, while engaging with their fan base.

Backing an offer on Kickfurther is different than other crowdfunding sites. Each product on Kickfurther has a proven track record and is rasing money to help fund more inventory.

How It Works:

When you back a project on Kickfurther, you own the inventory. The sooner the inventory sells, the sooner you will make a return on your investment.

While it’s primarily the company’s job to sell the inventory, you can help market and sell the products you back.

Every offer you back has a specified return. Because you help to fund a company’s inventory, you get a piece of their income! Returns are usually higher than other options, and average around 8%.

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