Innovative Way To Order Your Meal Via Kitchfix

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Innovative Way To Order Your Meal Via Kitchfix

Now you can enjoy foods that are chef-crafted, made from scratch, sourced as locally as possible, approved by  in-house registered dietitian, and hand delivered by a team ready to take care of your every need.


Through Kitchfix.

What Is Kitchfix?

Kitchfix  is a new startup  that  aims to provide  you  a wide variety of meals, snacks, beverages, and deli items to give busy people like you another option for eating healthy.

In just a few easy steps, you’ll be enjoying flavorful and nourishing meals in the comfort of your own home, knowing that you are giving your body everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

How It Works:

Kitchfix will offer 3 types of delivery–each special in it’s own way. The first type of delivery is through its KitchnHUb wherefrom you can pic k up your meal.

Kitchfix will be delivering your meals to your selected hub by the time stated on  your receipt.

You can pick up the meals from the Kitchfix fridge anytime after that, as long as the hub is open.

Second type is home delivery  where your  meal  will be arriving within the stated time frame on your order receipt.

Orders will be packed in a cooler bag that can last outside for 4 hours. If you have any specific notes for their driver, let them know in advance.

Third type is kitchen pick up. Its kitchen is located at 1731 W Grand Avenue. They are open 9-5, Monday-Friday, so you can stop into get your meals, and even get a tour of the ktichen!

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