Find Buyers For Your Items Through SMS

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Gone is a new android based app that aims to find buyers for your items through sms.

Gone will help you in the writing a listing, pricing, packing, negotiating with buyers, and shipping your items.

How It Works

Once its apps receive your items, they’ll inspect them and list them for sale within one day. From there, it may take from one to several   weeks, depending on the demand for your item. You will be able to monitor the entire process from within the application.

Gone will charge a commission ranging from 7% to 15%, depending on the demand for your items. This commission is applied after deducting all of the costs of preparing your items for sale.

This includes inspection, pricing, postage, and packing materials required to securely ship the items to your buyers.

Gone will send a check or a Paypal transfer after selling your your items. You will be notified within the application when your money is available.

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