Create A Common Social Linked Card Through UserCard

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Create A  Common Social Linked Card Through UserCard


Usercard is a new startup where you can create a linked “card” of all your social network usernames.

By sharing this card  you can  let anyone know where you have social profiles and what your official handles are.

Usercard will be a searchable directory of all these cards. The more users, the better the directory, so tell everyone you know to create a card for free today!

How It Works:

All you need to do is go to and fill out the blank card by uploading a photo, filling in your name, location, and brief description details.

Then connect your usernames by securely authenticating each network with your login credentials. The usernames will load in the fields automatically.

Now create your custom subdomain (e.g. and set up your email and password for access to your Usercard and verify that email, and you’re done.

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