Invest In Great Art Collections Through Arthena

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Invest In Great Art Collections Through Arthena


Arthena  is a new startup that aims to provide a comprehensive online platform tailored to the needs and desires of the next great generation of art collectors.

Arthena collections are fine art collections curated by notable experts who serve as their art advisors.

How It Works:

Arthena members select a collection on its online platform and commit to back that collection.

Then, the collection’s advisor leads the acquisition of works that they believe are of artistic significance and will maintain or increase in value during the five-year maturity period of the collection.

Throughout this time, Arthena aims to turn its members into educated members of the art world and to prepare them to collect and appreciate art on new levels.

Information about specific collections on Arthena’s platform is limited to the logged-in community of Arthena members who have verified that they qualify as “accredited investors.”

Regardless of who can see the details of an individual collection, the collection’s advisor, along with the company, will ultimately select which collectors can participate and invest.

Best Part Is:

Collectors also have the opportunity to participate in Arthena’s lecture series and to attend selected art world events.

Collectors also have the opportunity to directly ask their advisor questions that they might have about the collection, works owned by the collection, or the art market in general.

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