How To Get Quick Cash For Startup

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How To Get Quick Cash For Startup



Kabbage provide cash advances to online merchants only. If you you have built an income stream selling products over online marketplaces then Kabbage might help you to get an advance cash for your startups.

All you have to do is just fill their application then they will immediately and automatically review your application and make a final determination of whether they can offer you an advance and, if so, how much cash they can provide you with right now.


Revenue Based Financing

Revenue Based Financing is a new way for getting funds for your business, its for promising early-stage companies to finance the growth of their business.

Revenue Based Financing is a special kind of loan. Instead of requiring a business to pay a fixed amount and over a fixed amount of time , RBF loan entitles the lender to a fixed percentage of gross revenues until a multiple of invested capital (typically 3 – 5x) is returned.

Revenue Based Finance lenders trade steeper default, timing and rate of return risk for richer potential returns than those offered by traditional business lending (i.e. banks).


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