GataHub Is Future Of Local Commerce

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GataHub Is Future Of Local Commerce


Gata Hub is a new startup that aims  to connect businesses with their customers using the latest in mobile technologies.

Gata is extremely affordable and is sure to deliver a huge return on investment for any business.

How It Works:

With Gata Hub you can customize everything down to the pixel and manage everything from your Dashboard.

By using it you can manage your fleet like never before with GPS tracking, real-time ride updates, ride failure rates, and Driver revenue analysis.

All fleet information is automatically digitized and Drivers interact with your fleet through Gata Labs’ proprietary mobile application that is available on Google Play.

Best Part Is:

Gata has  also partnered with the best taxi fleets in cities all over the US and Canada. Using Gata Hub gives you access to all its partner fleets in a single app.

By using its app you will be able to know how long your taxi will arrive in and what vehicle is picking you up moments after ordering to ensure a seamless experience.Gata only works with reputable taxi fleets in each city who only employ insured and fully-licensed drivers.

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