Equidam Will Help You To Know Exact Value Of Your Startup Company

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Equidam Will Help You To Know Exact Value Of Your Startup Company


Equidam is a new startup that aims to help entrepreneurs understand, manage and disclose the value of their business.

You can use Equidam to  store files and gather all information about valuation in one place.

How It Works:

All you need to do is just click on register button and start collaborating with people who can help you to create a data for your company valuation. You can register as many collaborators as you want to the same Equidam profile.

You and your colleagues can now go to the platform and start adding the first company.

Choose to either fill in the information yourself, or send the questionnaire to the company. You can finish or update this information at any time.

Once you are done, you are once click away from sharing the valuation report with your customer.

You can use the same data to track the performance over time and send regular updates to the management and the shareholders of the company.

Best Part Is:

You can indicate your preferences on customization of the PDF reporting. You can easily generate reports with your brand, colors and disclaimer.

More at:https://www.equidam.com/

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