New Ways To Watch Videos Online Through Vilynx

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New Ways To Watch Videos Online Through Vilynx


Vilynx makes it easy to manage your videos and increase the engagement of your viewers. You can share your videos by email, Facebook, Twitter, or embed them in your blog or website.

How It Works:

With Vilynx you can automatically upload videos to your connected cloud storage accounts and create an engaging summary for your videos to help your viewers (and you!) find out what’s inside your video.

With Vilynx you can generate summaries with as many as sixteen video clips. Summaries are generated automatically, though you can easily edit your summaries by adding or removing video clips with the Clips Editor.

Titles can be added in the Clips Editor, and you can control where playback begins for your clips with the Section Timing editor.

Best Part Is:

You can also track video views and engagement with detailed analytics that can even tell you which video clips your viewers are watching.

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