Now Unsend Or Edit Any Email After It’s Been Sent

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Now Unsend Or Edit Any Email After It’s Been Sent

Now you can rectify your send emails,change its content or even you delete it from recipient mailbox even after sending the email.


Through UnSend startup company.

What is UnSend?

UnSend is a new startup that aims to help users to unsend or edit any email after it’s been sent (even after being opened by the recipient).

UnSend removes all content from the body of the email (including any attachments) you sent.

The email itself will always remain in your recipient’s inbox along with the subject line – however, all email message content will be removed.

How It Works:

UnSend works with your existing email address. After signing up, you’ll be given easy step-by-step instructions on how to configure your existing email address with their custom SMTP server.

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