6 Beta Startups For SignUp

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6 Beta Startups For SignUp

6 Beta Startups For SignUp



Kotive is a meta apps that aims to help you build a taskflow apps.

In Kotive, a Maker is a person who creates taskflow apps.

Typically, a Maker becomes aware of a problem and figures out the logical flow of tasksthat will lead to solving the problem. The Maker then makes use of Kotive to create a taskflow app.



Bookya is the place that matches artists and promoters by using a unique location-based discovery tool, while creating a transparent and standardized, yet flexible booking process.



Capitan learns your shopping tastes and recognizes when you are at specific store so it’s easy for him to suggest products to you that match what you most frequently buy there.



Fyne is a new starup that aims to find what is the trending menu of nearby restaurants  so you can find out best eating out place.



Userexpert is a new startup that aims to crowd-source information to help you test your website.

All you need to do is just provide them URL of your website along with a series of questions you would like to ask the users.

Users record videos explaining their User Experience of your website and provide suggestions on how to improve it.



Voyagic is a new startup that aims to help you create  a planned trip for any location. In just a few moments it is able to carefully select attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels for a destination of your choice through certain parameters including distance and popularity, while also arranging them into a day-by-day sequence which optimizes your stay.


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