Smappee-Smarter Way To Monitor Your Energy Consumption

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Smappee-Smarter Way To Monitor Your Energy Consumption

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that appliances, electronics and lighting account for more than one-third of home energy use.

However, most Americans aren’t actively aware of their own habits. They may leave lights on while at work, forget to unplug devices such as televisions or rely on outdated appliances that drain energy instead of conserving it.

This excess consumption can have harmful implications for the environment, because residential users account for more than 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

So ,what’s the solution ?

Try Smappee.

What Is Smappee?

Smappee is a new startup that aims to  make energy intelligence more accessible, by helping everyday users manage their consumption in a smarter way.

How It Works:

Smappee gathers real-time energy data through a single clip-on sensor that attaches to a user’s main power line. Through this sensor, Smappee is able to gather accurate information about how much energy and money various appliances and devices consume.

The product comes with a free companion mobile app, which presents both real-time and historical information in a user-friendly way. This information empowers consumers to engage and react, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and cost.

Each Smappee also includes a wireless Comfort Plug, which syncs with the app to allow consumers to turn appliances and devices on or off remotely.

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