5 Beta Startups For SignUp

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5 Beta Startups For SignUp

5 Beta Startups For SignUp


Presentation Hero Academy

Presentation Hero Academy  is a new startup that aims to  help you create all sorts of presentations from pitches to sales presentations to talks.



Perkwork is an easy to use platform that holds all of a company’s benefit information. These benefits are then highlighted in a widget that sites on their website or career pages. Visitors are then able to easily see all the great benefits a company has to offer.



Pindropmusic is a new startup that aims to discover the music you really want to enjoy based on your environment, location and of course your mood.



Triptable is a platform that allows travellers book tours anywhere in the world. With Triptable, you can discover and purchase awesome activities and tours in your current city, using your smartphone.

No matter where you are in the world, simply open the app and enjoy a scuba dive in the caribbean or a craft beer night tour.



Yeetup is a new startup  that aims to help events speakers to connect with  their attendees in real time on spot while giving their lectures.


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