5 Beta Startups For SignUp

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5 Beta Startups For SignUp

5 Beta Startups For SignUp



Solid  is a new productivity apps that will help you to automatically retrieves all your agenda information from your Google Calendar.

Your present and future events are analyzed, allowing you to receive instant notifications on the meetings that are not  solid  enough to be held.

Solid will let you know on the time remaining before the end of the meeting and the agenda items that are left incomplete. Record your actions, your decisions and your open issues.



LowTechLaunch is a  new startup that aims to help you launch your startup without writing code.



Atomic is built from the ground up for interface design, with features like interaction, pixel-perfect rendering for web and CSS styling baked into its core.



NotifyNinja is a new startup that aims to send you notification through calling on mobile or skype when your website is down.



Pitchswag  is world’s first online business incubator, where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas online and get funding for their startups easily.

They offer a single user-friendly platform with all the necessary tools for entrepreneurs, co-founders, investors and experts, and to meet, track, pitch ideas, raise funds, invest, share knowledge on webinars and find like-minded people.


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