Now Get Paid For Social Sharing Via TSU

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Now Get Paid For Social Sharing Via TSU


Tsū is a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenues with its users.  On tsū, you will get paid for your content. Half of your earned revenue is in the form of royalties generated by the content you post.

How It Works:

Tsū shares social revenues that come from third party ads, sponsorships and partnerships. Once economics are created, tsū receives 10% to maintain the platform. Half of the remaining earned revenue is paid to the user who created the content.

The other half of the remaining earned revenue is distributed to the user’s network Family Tree. Users on tsū monetize their content and network in perpetuity, which continues to grow alongside the community.

One third of all users’ content-generated revenue is passed up to the person that directly invited them to join tsū. A third of the remaining shared revenue will then go to the person that invited that user, and so on. The generations of users in your personal network are a part of what they call your Family Tree.

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