Humin Remembers All Meaningful Context For Every Encounter

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Humin Remembers All Meaningful Context For Every Encounter


Humin is a new type of phone app and contacts platform that uses contextual information from your calendar, address book, social networks, and email to provide you with a predictive phone experience.

Humin reminds you who will be in your next meeting, connects you with friends when you travel, and shows you when someone you know is visiting your city.

In other words,Humin remembers all of the meaningful context for every encounter.

How It Works:

All you need to do is just download its apps and login with your facebook account. Once you connected with your account then you can start searching your contacts with context. You can search in the way you think about your people.

Some example searches may be “met last week”, “lives in New York”, or “Works at VICE”. Also, try adding a new contact so you can experience their Huminize feature yourself.

Best Part Is:

Humin will automatically update, clean up, and get rid of old out-of-date information for you.

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