4 Upcoming Startups

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4 Upcoming Startups

4 Upcoming Startups



Starfish is a  new startup  seat sensor device that notifies your smartphone when you’ve left a certain area – say your car –without your child.


The Kitchen Library

The Kitchen Library is essentially just like a regular library but instead of lending books they lend stand mixers, juicers, dehydrators, pasta makers, and about 100 other appliances.


Food Cowboy

Food Cowboy is a new startup that aims to search nearby food bank and  help them  to sell their food waste in form of charities.

It can help truckers and other donors search for them by location, operating hours, storage capacity and even loading dock type.

It can also handle scheduling and communications so transfers happen as efficiently as possible and streamline charitable donation paperwork so donors can get valuable tax benefits.



Wecycle is a new apps  that automatically detect how you are moving. So whether you’re watching TV on the sofa at home, or driving to work, your phone can give you what you need at exactly the right time.


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