Timeful Is A New Smart Time Management Apps

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Timeful Is A New Smart Time Management Apps


Timeful is a time management app that helps you get things scheduled and completed more effectively.

With Timeful, smart suggestions proactively nudge you towards completing things from your to-do list. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Over time, their algorithms will learn what you like to do and when you like to do it, which will help generate more accurate suggestions.

How It Works:

Its suggestion algorithms are based a variety of factors, including the preferences you enter in Settings -> Most Productive Time, Work Days & Hours, and Sleep Hours. So what you tell them about your schedule is the first thing they look at.

Suggestions will appear on your calendar, at which point you can accept by tapping them or postpone them until later by tapping the right arrow.

The system also makes personalized suggestions based on your behavior. If you schedule tasks and habits at specific hours, Timeful will learn those preferences. For example, if you like to practice Spanish at 7:15 pm on weekdays, it’ll start suggesting “Practice Spanish” at or around that time. Muy bien, ¿no?

Timeful will make sure that you get your habits scheduled at the frequency you designate. One way to make sure you’re getting the most habit suggestions possible is to crank the Suggestion Frequency bar all the way up to “high” in Settings .

Best Part Is:

Timeful syncs with all of your calendars (including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Exchange) through your native iOS calendar app. Here are some resources for linking your Apple calendar with various other platforms.

More at: http://www.timeful.com/


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