5 Beta Startups For Signup

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5 Beta Startups For Signup

5 Beta Startups For Signup



TAP is a new messaging app that aims to help you ping for anything, for ex; TAP when dinner is ready or TAP to just ping someone.

You can send TAP by tapping on the phone, even if it’s locked or you can use the app.



Tila  is a new startup that aims to help your teams design and manage their software projects from idea to launch.

You can store everything from design documents to implementation tasks and maintenance issues in the same workspace, so that all aspects of the project can be visually and efficiently updated, tracked and measured.



Piquin is  new startup that aims to monitor, engage & reward your employee for every single hours that they spent at workplace.



SailMail is a Mailchimp plugin that makes that value-add easy, allowing you to implement automatic giveaways and random draws that will help you to improve your email sign up rates, as well as make your emails stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes.



SpareChair is a community for the millions of people who work from home, or have extra room in their workspace. Connect, cowork in each other’s homes, offices, studios or workshops, and set your own prices for renting out your space or gear.



Tip’d Off is  a new  trading community that aims to make trading easy for newcomers and beneficial for those who trade regularly.


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