3 Smart Apps To Explore

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3 Smart Apps To Explore


The Defender

The Defender is a new smart personal protection device that aims to help you raise alarm if any bad situations emerge like rape or attack.

The Defender takes a photo, initiates an alarm, and disrupts an attacker. The Defender connects to the iOS or The Android app, which sends the picture, GPS location and other user authorized information to its 24/7 monitoring service.

Once initiated this alert connects directly with a central station monitoring service to notify medical authorities. Users can rapidly transmit to medical personnel user preauthorized information.



Ignore No More is a new smart app that gives parents control back over their children’s phones. If children ignore repeated calls and text messages to reach them, with Ignore No More! you simply lock their phones until they call you back. That means no calls to friends, no text, no games, notta’ until they communicate with you!



The QBracelet is a new smart   wearable device in form of a stylish bracelet that charges smartphones and other devices. The QBracelet has built-in rechargeable polymer lithium ion batteries, which can recharge your device.

The Qbracelet is available for purchase in two different configurations. You can choose either an Apple Lightning Connector version or Micro-USB version.

The Lighting connector version will charge iPhone 5 and newer Apple smartphones. The Micro-USB version will work on the majority of non-Apple smartphones including Androids, Windows phones, and other smartphones that charge via micro-USB.

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