DirectLocalFood Aims To Buy Local Food From Farmers

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DirectLocalFood Aims To Buy Local Food From Farmers

Direct Local Food:

Direct Local Food is an online wholesale marketplace that connects farmers with local wholesale buyers. The site facilitates easy, smooth, and direct transactions between local farmers and area buyers.

How It Works:

The Direct Local Food site enables buyers to search for farms in their area, learn more about offerings and growing methods, and designate “favorites” that meet their unique preferences for locally sourced food.

Farmers deliver directly to stores and restaurants, on dates specified during the ordering process. Standing delivery dates vary from farm to farm and can be found on each farmer’s profile.

Best Part:

Payments are arranged offline, directly between the buyer and the farmer, using the buyer’s preferred terms and method of payment.

Farmers have visibility to buyers’ payment terms when orders are placed, and are not obligated to accept any order, unless terms are agreeable.

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