5 Startups from 500 Startup Accelerator

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5 Startups from 500 Startup Accelerator

5 Startups from 500 Startup Accelerator



KangaDo is a new startup that aims to help busy Moms and Dads, and their trusted friends and caregivers.

It empowers busy parents and their trusted friends to instantly organize their kids’ needs – like carpools, childcare, playdates, or anything else – without the time-consuming email trails and text messages.

They can also use private instant messaging to share text messages, photos or their location – and to turn a chat into an event on their calendar.



Thinknum is  a new startup that aims to help  investors and traders to  make informed decisions about financial data.

Financial analysts from across the world are building the largest repository of financial models on Thinknum.



AngleCam  is the first cloud based app store for IP cameras.  For using it ,all you need to do is just connect your camera to its platform and choose the apps that you are interested in and then access your camera or apps at any time from cloud.


PopUp Archive

Pop Up Archive is a tool for simple management of speech-based audio. They process sound for a wide range of clients, from large archives and religious institutions to independent podcasters and researchers; if you’ve got recorded voices, we’ve got you.

Drag and drop any speech-based audio file, and within minutes you’ll receive automatically generated transcripts and tags.

By automatically extracting the information from your audio, we save you hours of manual labor and let you quickly search and organize your audio collections; no more sorting and listening through entire hour long files to find that one line you’re looking for.



AbbeyPost  is a new startup that aims to  find perfect fit size items for plus size women,tall women or other such women.

All you need to do is just choose the style you like best.Select the color you want, and select your customizations (most items can be customized with your choice of neckline, hem length, sleeve type, etc.).

Then simply choose whether you would like to provide your measurements now, or later.

A window will pop up asking for your height and your bust, waist and hip measurements. Enter the info, Add to Cart, and you’re good to go!


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