Zula Might Beat WhatsApp

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Zula Might Beat WhatsApp


Zula is a mobile solution for team communication that aims to offer all the tools a team needs for ongoing interaction: instantly joining a conversation, discussing ideas, sharing content, taking a poll, and connectin over a conference call.

How It Works:

All you need to do is just download Zula from the App Store or Google Play, or if you have already been invited to a Zula, simply follow the link in the invitation to install Zula.

Once installed then you can either use your existing Facebook or Google accounts to quickly log in to Zula, or create a brand new Zula account if you want to keep it separate.

Best Part Is:

Zula provides all the tools needed for focused business conversations, while Whatsapp focuses on social interaction.

Zula provides teams with an ongoing central stream of conversation, easy access to shared files, shared events, polling and one touch group calling.

More at:http://zulaapp.com/


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