Now Influence Crowd Behavior Via Tiltor

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Now Influence Crowd Behavior Via Tiltor


Tiltor is a new startup that aims to influence crowd behavior at any place so desired results comes out.

They are using reward system to affect the collective behavior of an assembly or crowd.

By using location-based group rewards, Tiltor can incentivize portions of a crowd to favor one result over another.

These people act to bring about the desired result and, in so doing, influence the rest of the crowd to follow suit.

How it works

First interested parties sponsor a group reward for a designated area (“The crowd gives a standing ovation”)

The reward is advertised in that area and anyone there with a smartphone may sign up for it on Tiltor.

If the desired group behavior is achieved (there is a standing ovation), each signed up person shares a portion of the total prize.

So with very little setup, and no oversight, the desired group behavior is achieved. If it isn’t, the sponsor is returned their money.

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