4 Startups from Blue Startups DemoDay

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4 Startups from Blue Startups DemoDay

4 Startups From Blue Startups Demo Days



Ingollow is a new startup that aims to create authentic social relationships between the users (locals & travelers) and the Ingollw businesses in a specific geographic area through social networking and a social commerce enterprise platform.



Oroeco, the world’s first service that rewards you and all your friends for taking action to fight climate change.

This startup will track your climate impacts  by automatically putting a carbon value on everything you buy, what you eat, how you get around, and the energy you use at home.Then they add everything up, so you can see which decisions are bigger than others.

Oroeco  also gives you personalized tips for how you can save money along with the climate and they’ve partnered with Impact Carbon, to eliminate your remaining climate footprint by helping provide clean cookstoves that save forests and lives in Africa.

Best of all, they make everything fun and social, connecting with Facebook to compare, collaborate, and compete with your friends and family.



Vantage is a new startup that aims to help our media and broadcast partners to tell better stories about the games, teams, and players they cover.



PeoplePower is a new startup that aims to help you monitor your home while you are away from home via your smartphone.


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