New Smart Door Bell With Face Recoginition Technolgy

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New Smart Door Bell With Face Recoginition Technolgy


Chui  is  a new smart device that aims  to help you  monitor your door while you are away from home.

Through its face recognition technologies you can identify person who is knocking on your door and communicate with him via your mobile apps.

In addition to reading faces Chui can also read QR codes. You can enable QR Code recognition as a second layer of security.

Which would allow you to hold up a code to the device (visible on your phone or on a piece of paper), and Chui will read the code along with your face.

Chui will only return a positive match if both your face and the code match the information on record.

Meaning that even if someone obtains your QR code it is useless without your face. QR codes can be set, requested, and generated from their Web and Mobile applications

How It Works:

Chui works via Wifi with web and mobile applications. After your Chui is installed for the first time and the power is turned on it will create an ad-hoc WiFi hotspot, Simply connect to the hotspot and visit a URL in your browser to continue the setup process (you’ll find info such as ssid, password, and URL in the box).

Best Part Is:

Chui can be used as a doorbell as well as a security and monitoring device inside your house.

Chui can be triggered via Motion Detection and Face Detection. Whereby the presence of a face or motion will prompt it to take a photo and make deliver a notification.

Chui’s motion detection and live feed capabilities enable you to use it inside your house for monitoring and security purposes.

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