5 Startups From TC Disrupt NY Event

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5 Startups From TC Disrupt NY Event

5 Startups From  TC Disrupt NY Event



Vurb is a new innovative search engine that aims to organize information across web apps and packages them into beautiful cards.

Vurb intelligently bring the best information for you and suggests where to look next.



Airhelp is a new startup that aims to help you get a claim or refund money if your flight got canceled or delayed.

All you have to do is send the required information through the app and they will make sure you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours.



DocSend is a free service that makes documents a more effective communication tool by telling you what happens after you hit send.

DocSend can be used in a wide variety of situations, everything from sales proposals to fundraising decks to marketing collateral.



HealthCrew is a new online private forum where doctors and patients can interact with each other.

Once patients signed up with this site they can access personalized information for their disease from doctors.



Fidesmo is a new startup that aims to help your smart phone to connect to your other contactless cards, such as credit cards, cards for loyalty program or access cards to hotel rooms, cars, houses, gyms and etc.

Its  technology makes it secure and easy to update a card over the air, for instance to top up or load a card online without visiting a vendor. Or to get access to a hotel room online without visiting the reception.


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