4Beta Startups For SignUp

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4Beta Startups For SignUp

4Beta Startups For SignUp



Stackscale is an Infrastructure as a Service  provider that offers highly available and reliable Private Cloud Solutions.

They are suitable for both companies that are looking for a Cloud-like environment using the industry standard APIs and methodologies, and those looking for a classic approach using a virtualized and highly efficient infrastructure.



Vidtok is a Software as a Service  platform that allows anyone to add live video chat to their website or application.


Patriot Lemonade

Patriot Lemonade is a new beta startup that aims to solve nation’s biggest problems by inviting to people share solutions on its platform for nation’s biggest challenges.



Bagzee is  a new fashion social networking platform where you can all info related to fashions,shopping,price drop of fashion items etc.

Bagzee brings all your favourite brands and friends together in one place to explore fashion world together.


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