4 Startups From TechStar

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4 Startups From TechStar

4 Startups From TechStar



Clutch  is a new startup that aims to provide you textbooks, videos and in depth analysis classes from experts which you can download and read at any time and from any place.

All of their plans provide downloadable PDF chapter guides for you to print, view on your tablet, etc.


Data Everywhere

Data Everywhere is a new startup that aims to help you build applications in Excel. Your spreadsheets can now query and report on the data that is stored in other spreadsheets, no matter where those spreadsheets are located.

Your data that is maintained in Excel is backed by a Cloud database, so you can always see a full history of who changed what data.



yRuler  aims  to provide a personal experience to every visitor, all through using your existing product images.

yRuler let your visitors see how your products look on themselves, or compare a product to items they already own.



GameWisp is a platform for gamers to discover and monetize gaming video content.


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