3 Interesting Startups

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3 Interesting Startups

3 Interesting Startups



Mellow is a new startup that aims to take orders through your smartphone and keeps food cold until it’s the exact time to start cooking.

Mellow  works like a kitchen robot which  cook  ingredients to perfection while you’re away.

Think of Mellow as your loyal helper. Tell it what to do, teach it what you like, and it’ll do its best to make your life simpler.



Printoo is a printed electronics prototyping platform capable of bringing everyday objects to life.

In a world where computers have become an integral part of our lives, Printoo aims to give people the ability to embed computational power into everyday object and devices. Printoo also enables new ways to link the physical and the digital worlds.



The PubLock is  a new RFID based startup that aims to help you lock your a bicycle at any public place.

All you need do is just use your contactless RFID card to access locks at public place. The PubLock frees riders from carrying heavy locks as locks can be find via Publock at anyplace.

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