New Apps For Tenant Self- Service

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New Apps For Tenant Self- Service

New research estimates that typically on average, each call to a social housing organisation’s call centre costs somewhere between £5 and £6 and that each personal visit costs around £14.

As many of the issues handled by these call centres can be dealt with online, the potential savings from the self-service tenant app are huge.

So do you want to try out new app which is solely made for tenant management?

Then try 1stTouch’s Teant Self-Service App.

What Is Tenant Self- Service App?:

New Tenant self-service app aims to solve all issues related to your housing.

This app can be fully integrated in real-time with all leading Housing Management Systems, enables a social housing organisation’s tenants to submit requests online for a wide range of services.

These can range from repairs and maintenance or estate management concerns through to arranging visits from housing officers or conducting rent account queries.

The system greatly reduces the pressure on the social housing organisation’s call centre staff, whilst significantly enhancing positive client engagement with tenants.

How It Works:

When residents are using the app to report a repair for example, the app will raise a request and ask the resident to choose an appointment from 3 or 4 available time slots.

Once selected, the app will then auto-schedule the repair and send it to the maintenance operative’s mobile device when they are due to attend.

The app will raise the request with the appropriate operative or contractor and inform the tenant when the graffiti is due to be removed. It will also inform them when the job has been completed.

All the requests and actions generated through the app are automatically fed through to the social housing provider’s back-office housing management system.

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