Giift: World’s Largest Loyalty & Card Network

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Giift: World’s Largest Loyalty & Card Network

Giift: is  the world’s largest loyalty and card network, including mileage programs, loyalty programs, memberships, vouchers, coupons, prepaid cards and gift cards.

How It Works:

All you need to do is just sign in by providing a username, email address and password, or by using your Facebook or Google+ account;

Then add all of your existing loyalty programs, mileage programs, gift cards and membership cards into your portfolio.

By adding your programs and cards to your portfolio, you will be able to manage and track all your loyalty programs and prepaid/gift cards online (the same way you manage and track your personal bank account online).

You will also know more about what you actually own (details of the program or the card, expiration, redemption mechanism…).

In addition, from your portfolio, you will have direct access to best deals in just once click.

If, however, you are not interested in redeeming the programs or cards you own, you will be able to trade them, either for cash or for another program or card, depending on “offer and demand”.

You will see that all the programs and cards you own have more dollar value and more ways to be used than you thought.

Now invite your friends, look at the best promotions and deals they have found for you, sell or exchange the programs and cards you don’t intend to redeem.

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