Four Quick Ways To Bring All Social Profiles At One Place

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Four Quick Ways  To Bring All Social Profiles At One Place

Four Quick Ways To Bring All Social Profiles At One Place



ItsMyURLs would enable users to create one URL (or link), that would take whoever clicks on it, to one page with all of the users online profile links and other personal or business website links, all on one page.

All you have to do to get started is just click on join now tab at the homepage, fill out the requested info, choose your ItsMyURLs account name which will be the last part of your new URL , add your links, twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs, websites, etc, (takes 5 minutes), now post your new URL that you get from ItsMyURLs (posted under your picture in your profile) to all of your social networks, blogs and websites (use the create a badge option when possible),your are now in business, your online presence has just been simplified, and all of your pages are linked together.




Alternion is a free web service that enables you to combine and manage your social accounts, content feeds, email and direct messages, and stay in touch with your contacts from other services.

By using this site you can combine and manage all of your own social networking updates from 220+ services, and collect all your posts, photos, and videos in one place.



Social Follow

Social Follow has created one happy place for all your social profiles to hang out and get along.The Social Follow button gives people an easy way to Social Follow you through all your social accounts, either personally or for your business.


4. is a tool that allows you to consolidate your online identity into a single id. aims to make your connecting people on your different networks easier. allows you to link all your social network identities and easily share the information with your friends.

Once you register for the service they would ask you to provide your profile identifiers and the name of the network you want to direct people to. After you provide the profile identifier people can begin accessing your sites based on a single username and network code. If you’d prefer to allow people to choose the networks on which to connect with you, simply link them to your network directory by not including the network code on the web address.


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