Emu-New Mobile Messaging App With Artificial Intelligence

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Emu-New Mobile Messaging App With Artificial Intelligence


Emu is a new mobile messaging app for iPhone that uses artificial intelligence — machine learning and natural language processing — to understand messages, then magically adds relevant information to help you schedule a lunch, reserve a table, buy movie tickets, or share your location in real time.

By using this apps you can schedule lunches, share your location, and set reminders — as easily as sending a photo.

How It Works:

When you receive a message like, “Where are you?” you’ll see a little location button.

Or, when the message input is empty, you’ll see a location-sharing button instead of the usual Send.Tap either of these to send a map that updates in real time for thirty minutes.

When you send or receive a message that discusses a date or time, you’ll see a snapshot of your calendar, so you can see at a glance whether you’re free or busy. Tap the orange button to create the event.

If a message mentions a restaurant near your home, work, your correspondents’ home or work, or your current location, you’ll see a snippet of information about it — including OpenTable reservations when available.

More at: http://emu.is/


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