6 Useful Email Marketing Tools For Your Startup Company

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ClearFormat is a very innovative tool that allows you to unify and attach your corporate identity to all outgoing emails.

In other words,ClearFormat presents your organization with a unique opportunity to use the numerous standard outgoing business emails that are delivered daily to your valued customers and business partners, by providing a compelling new dimension to corporate branding and marketing.

Email branding offered by ClearFormat gives companies the tool set to effectively manage and control a legally secure marketing and communications platform.

All your outgoing emails can be monitored and tracked to give you a statistical breakdown on how successful your email marketing campaigns are doing.




Contactology is an email marketing and online survey tool designed for experts and beginners.

Contactology offers an array of tools for beginners and experts.You can manage your contacts as a list, group or a dynamic list segment. They give you all the tools to manage contacts and start sending attractive email marketing and surveys.




Sendloop is a professional yet easy-to-use email marketing and mail list management service for any kind of online/offline businesses.

Sendloop includes all professional features that you will need for your email marketing campaign combined with a very easy to use interface. In just a few minutes, you will get your account up and ready to send your first email campaign.




StreamSend is the most comprehensive and cost-effective permission-based e-mail marketing suite available.It’s only email marketing applications that offers every customer a private IP address .

It’s a web-based application that allows you to simply log-in to you account and create and send email campaigns.
StreamSend does not require any software to be downloaded or installed on your computer.

They do not require that you sign a one-year contract, as most other robust applications do, and they offer a 30 day free trial so that you can see for yourself just how powerful a tool StreamSend can be.




Ennect Mail is web-based email marketing software that empowers you to send visually rich emails and analyze results.
Ennect Mail can store up to 100,000 email addresses and up to 100,000 responses. You can add additional storage as needed. Ennect Mail comes standard with 2 Mb of image file storage for storing images.




CakeMail is white label email marketing platform. It’s a true private label tool that uses a reseller’s own domain name, even for the user interface. And it can be offered in any language.

For end-users, it’s a great online tool for easily creating and managing newsletter mailings.
For agencies, it’s a true white label solution that lets you adopt CakeMail and market it as your own with total control over the design, branding and domain name.

For third-party developers, designers and translators, it’s a platform that you can use to extend CakeMail’s features with plugins, skins, and new interface languages.


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