4 Ways To Bring More Customers To Your Retail Store

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4 Ways To Bring  More Customers To Your Retail Store



Geotoko is an easy to use platform that allows brands, businesses and agencies to create their own branded location-based promotions (e.g. sweepstakes, contests, give-aways) and to simultaneously publish them on multiple location-based services like foursquare, gowalla, facebook places, yelp, twitter etc.

Not only it will market your location based campaign instead it can also help you to know what impact your market campaign has on people and how they have received your products or services. Its also providing live visitor tracking and heat mapping to launch your marketing campaign faster.




ThinkNear drives customers to your business during down times by automatically creating coupons that nearby consumers can view on their mobile phones. It’s a kind of an instant happy hour tool. Whenever things are slow for you, this tool will automatically create discounts and get people in the door.

All you have to do is just tell them when you are typically slow and they would start tracking factors that can affect your business, like weather, traffic, and sporting events. So in case next time you face any slow or down time, they would immediately know what to do to bring more customers to your stores and can quickly create a discount to get people in the neighborhood through your door.




By using Shops2me any store can tweet messages about their deals,offers or discounts when customers are passing nearby their retail stores.It means that customers or people would able to see your tweets when they are in your neighborhood.

As a shopper, you do not need to sign in with your Twitter account. However, they do provide some features that let you retweet, reply, or save each tweet easily. If you want to use these features, then you will need a Twitter account.

For using this site all you have to do is that just sign up for an account at Twitter.Or fill out their suggest a store form and wait for a notification from them.Once they sent you notification then you can start tweeting.You can start tweeting using any of the clients out there or simply text from your phone.



Shopkick works directly with retailers to provide in-store rewards for certain actions like walking in the door or scanning a bar code.

Its not rewarding users with virtual goods or contextual information like user reviews, instead it directly offer kickbacks, discounts, and real-world incentives for customers.

The idea is that everything you do earns you points, or “kickbucks,” which can be redeemed for anything from Facebook Credits to gift cards. Check in to a store and get a couple of points; physically walk in and get even more points. Scan the barcodes of certain items and the points roll in. As you go, the app begins suggesting deals and offering discounts.

Shopkick has partnered with Macy’s, Best Buy, Sports Authority, American Eagle Outfitters and the Simon Property Group (an operator of malls across the country).


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