4 Interesting Crowdfunding Platform for Students

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4 Interesting Crowdfunding Platform for Students

4 Interesting Crowdfunding Platform for Students



Xeelion  is a new crowdfunding platform that aims to connect students entrepreneurs and investors with an exclusive device-friendly platform.

Xeelion allows to fund only scientific projects which meet requirements of sustainability in high-growth fields like IT, cleantech, life science, healthcare, medical devices, and mobile.



Upstart is a new platform that allows students to get unsecured funding in return for agreeing to share a portion of their income for 5 or 10 years, as such term may be extended, pursuant to the upstart funding agreement.

The platform also provides backers with the opportunity to invest in securities, the payments under which are dependent on an individual upstart (who is selected by the backer on the Upstart Network website) making payments under the upstart funding agreement that corresponds with the backer’s securities.

As a part of operating the trust’s funding platform, UNI verifies the identity of backers and upstarts, it obtains upstarts’ credit profiles from consumer reporting agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian or Equifax, and screens upstarts for eligibility to participate in the platform.



Medifund is a crowdfunding platform which supports Medical Students who are struggling to pay their school expenses.


Project Further

Project Further serves as a funding resource for students with education funding shortfalls.

Students from all backgrounds and walks of life are guided in “telling the story” of their journey towards higher education in a compelling way.

Through use of a crowdfunding platform and social media, “Cheerleaders” and Project Further Consortium organizations are recruited to view these stories and support worthy students and their campaigns through microcontributions.

At the conclusion of the campaign, the student receives the funds “free-and-clear” but must keep the love flowing and “Pay it Forward” by contributing 1% of their raised funds to another student’s active Project Further campaign.

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