Sell Personal Data & Earn Money Via Datacoup

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Sell Personal Data & Earn Money Via Datacoup


Datacoup is a new startup that aims to help you aggregate, package and sell your personal data so you can earn money from your personal data.

When selling data, there are no identifying factors linked back to you personally. Your data is added to an aggregate pool of datacoup users’ data. All emails and names are delinked from other data-points you have created.

How It Works:

All you need to do is just choose which data you want to sell, from social media to your checking account.

Once you begin connecting accounts in the Datacoup app, you are pulling in information from each of the accounts that you authorize.

For financial accounts its merchant name, data and transaction amount. For social accounts it is basic information, likes, check-ins, activity streams, friend lists and other basic social connect information.

Each account tile in the “Connect” page has an explanation of the data you are pulling in for that specific account.

Best Part Is:

Any data you choose to sell will not contain any personally identifiable information unless you specifically tell us otherwise.

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